Why Work With Me

I’m Geoff, a freelance web developer and accessibility advocate based out of Seattle, WA.

I partner with design agencies to create amazing websites. My experience spans a wide variety of projects and industries and my sites are built with speed, security, and accessibility in mind.

I strive to provide quick, clear communication, and will work with your team to translate your ideas and designs into a final product that you’ll be proud to show your customers.

My services include both front-end and back-end work, with a heavy focus on JavaScript, PHP, and WordPress. I’m available at any time to discuss your projects and ideas.

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More About Me

I’ve worked in Software Development since 2006 and have focused exclusively on web technology since 2015.

I currently run my own freelance web development business and have completed many successful projects for the agencies and businesses I partner with.

Prior to that I earned my chops at a few design agencies who are now some of my favorite clients.

When I’m not building websites, I’m spending time with my family, riding my bike, or experimenting with a new dish in the kitchen.

Photo of Geoff Mortstock in Terry Pratchett's office in Salisbury, England (GNU Terry Pratchett)